Eliquis 5 MG Tablets ( Apixaban )


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Aggramed 5mg Infusion


Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Tirofiban (5mg)
Category Cardiac Blood Vascular
Manufacturer Zydus Cadila
100 ml in 1 bottle
Delivery Time 6 to 15 Days
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Aggramed 5mg Infusion is a blood thinner that prevents dangerous blood clots from forming. It can help individuals who are experiencing significant chest pain as a result of an abrupt reduction in blood supply to the heart from having a heart attack.

Under the guidance of a doctor, Aggramed 5mg Infusion is given. Your doctor will choose the medicine’s dosage and duration for you. Even after this injection, you should continue to take all of your other medications that your doctor has prescribed for your long-term therapy.


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