Fondazest Injection (Fondaparinux Sodium Injection )


Clexane Enoxaparin Injection 40 mg


Clopizen A 75mg/150mg Capsule


Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Aspirin (75mg) + Clopidogrel (150mg)
Category Cardiac Blood Vascular
Manufacturer Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd
10 capsules in 1 strip
Delivery Time 6 to 15 Days
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Clopizen A 75mg/150mg Capsule is a drug that combines two antiplatelet drugs or blood thinners to prevent deadly blood clots from forming in blood vessels. This helps patients with heart disease from having a heart attack or stroke.

Clopizen A 75mg/150mg Capsules should be taken on a daily basis with food at a set time. You should take it on a regular basis, at equally spaced intervals, as directed by your doctor. It will be easier to remember to take it if you take it at the same time every day. The dose and length of medication will be determined by the condition for which you are being treated. Even if you feel better, keep taking it until you’ve completed the entire course.


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