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Mirbeg 25 Tablet ER


Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Mirabegron (25mg)
Category Pharma Meds
Manufacturer Ipca Laboratories Ltd
10 tablet er in 1 strip
Delivery Time 6 to 15 Days
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Mirbeg 25 Tablet ER is used to treat hyperactive bladder symptoms such as increased or frequent urine, an urgent desire to pee, and an inability to regulate urination. It aids in the relaxation of the muscles around the bladder, allowing it to hold more pee.

Mirbeg 25 Tablet ER should be taken at the prescribed dose and for the prescribed period. It is possible to take it with or without food. Without crushing or chewing the drug, swallow it whole. You should not stop taking the drug without first visiting your doctor, since this may cause your symptoms to worsen. To improve the medicine’s efficacy, the course of therapy should be finished.


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