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Pentasa 1 Gm Suppository (Mesalazine Suppositories)


Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Mesalazine (1gm)
Category Gastro
Manufacturer Ferring Pharmaceuticals
7 suppositories in 1 packet
Delivery Time 6 to 15 Days
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1gm Pentasa Suppository is an anti-inflammatory medication used to treat ulcerative colitis, a form of bowel illness. It is prescribed when the inner rectum’s lining tissue gets irritated (proctitis).

1gm Pentasa By lowering intestine inflammation, suppository aids in the relief of symptoms such as diarrhoea, bleeding, and stomach discomfort. It is administered through the rear canal (rectal route) and should not be consumed orally. It can only be administered under the guidance of a doctor or other healthcare expert. After inserting the suppositories, you must remain in a laying posture for at least 15 minutes.


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